What ‘Luxury’ Means To Me

has a great list of luxuries here.

I’m a-stealin’ the idea.

Hearing rain on the window, laying in bed
Rubbing Newton with my feet while programming
Clean Sheets right out of the dryer before bed
Learning something new
Teaching Something new
Cool Crisp Sheets on a warm night
Home-made Toll-house cookies
Watching Cartoons on Saturday Morning
Waking in Camp, at dawn, dew on the tent
Butterfly Kisses
Having my hand held by someone who cares, or wants support
Ghost Stories around a flashlight or campfire
Sharing a unique experiance
Deep Belly Laughs
Being a pillow
Hot *HOT* showers
Intelligent Debate / Conversations
Playing with kids
Eskimo Kisses
Fishing off the pier (with or without fishing line)
Cooperative Storytelling
Chasing Newt all over the house

Shaking off the sleepies.

Wakey Wakey! *grunt* *scratch* Late to bed, Late to rise…

Well, I was up pretty late last night, polishing off a programming project, and doing a little futzing around. Reworking my home network, cleaning house, and generally puttering.

I need to dash off to the store and post office. (Get Newt and myself more groceries, and mail a bag of switches to tomorrow’s birthday girl. it’ll get there a little late, but preemptive gifties have made it there a week in advance, so it’ll balance out.)

Going to see Paul, Kevin, Brad, Bheesham and Marjo briefly today, so I’d better get moving.

Be back later, Journal.

*hungry for Asahi Dashi Tofu and Vegetable Tempura*

Anyone want to take me out to dinner?