Mah baby’s weaing a dirmdl ! *purr*

I’m listening to Gregorian monks while I code. (Thank goodness some non-spyware net radio stations are still functional! 🙂 ) It somehow seems rather appropriate. I can just imagine a group of monks up until all hours of the night trying to get the gospels to be just right in song so that the information will parse correctly. Will HTML, VB or Visual C be considered art 700 years from now?

*note to self, bring dsl modem back to the house, this dialup from home is sooooo sloooow.

arcanum & debridement

arcanum ar-KAY-nuhm, noun;
plural arcana -nuh:

1. A secret; a mystery.

2. Specialized or mysterious knowledge, language, or information that is not accessible to the average person (generally used in the plural).

Arcanum is from the Latin, from arcanus “closed, secret,” from arca, “chest, box,” from arcere, “to shut in.”

debridement di-BREED-ment, day-noun

Surgical removal of dead, infected tissue or foreign matter from a wound.

From French debridement, from debrider (to unbridle), from Middle French desbrider (de- + brider).