wow. that robot thing really has caught on…. 5292 posts about it in LJ, as of this writing.

Remember the old days, when everyone and their brother on your friend’s list would put up the emode test results?

return of the evil news.

Let’s Have Another Drink To Celebrate My Sobriety
A man who reportedly celebrated a sobriety milestone with rum and Coke, vodka and Bud Light was arrested Thursday by Des Moines police following a two-hour standoff after he allegedly threatened an acquaintance with a shotgun.

Burger King Marketing Department Even Likes Their Feet Flame Broiled
About a dozen Burger King marketing-department workers burned their feet when they walked over white-hot coals at a meeting intended to promote bonding.

One woman was taken to a hospital emergency room, and Burger King brought in a doctor to treat others whose feet were blistered. Some workers used wheelchairs the next day when they went to the airport to leave for another company retreat.

Dana Frydman, vice president of product marketing for Burger King, was injured but had no regrets about the event she helped organize.

“It made you feel a sense of empowerment,” Frydman said, “and that you can accomplish anything.”

Except walk over hot coals.