ajsupastar15: HEY PRETTY BOY
ajsupastar15: whats up my jigga
BigLug23: hey
BigLug23: do I know you?
ajsupastar15: yes you do
BigLug23: who are you?
ajsupastar15: Joe
BigLug23: Joe?
ajsupastar15: JOE MAMA!!!
BigLug23: ha!
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this is like the 3rd random aim in as many days… weird.

<br /> Public Function Encrypt(ByVal Plain As String, Text As TextBox)<br /> &#8216;DUH!&#8217;<br /> Dim Letter As String<br /> For i = 1 To Len(Plain)<br /> Letter = Mid$(Plain, i, 1)<br /> Mid$(Plain, i, 1) = Chr(Asc(Letter) + 1)<br /> Next i<br /> Text = Plain<br /> End Function</p> <p>Public Function Decrypt(ByVal Encrypted As String, Text As TextBox)<br /> &#8216;DUH!&#8217;<br /> Dim Letter As String<br /> For i = 1 To Len(Encrypted)<br /> Letter = Mid$(Encrypted, i, 1)<br /> Mid$(Encrypted, i, 1) = Chr(Asc(Letter) &#8211; 1)<br /> Next i<br /> Text = Encrypted<br /> End Function

simple substitution cipher. maybe better than the lodd idea?

ow! shoulda used nipguards!

All silly pictures aside, this isn’t a joke. NipGuards, LLC manufactures and sells a patented product that prevents nipple chafing and abrasion.

a testimonial – Recently when I ran a road race, I too became a victim. A victim of nipple abrasion. It was about half way through the race that I noticed my nipples becoming tender. When I checked them out at the end of the race, I saw that they had been rubbed raw. So raw that they were bleeding. Can you imagine the embarrassment and ridicule I endured? It was horrible. Now that I have my Nipguards, I can now concentrate on my running, not my bleading nips, and give 100% everytime. It is because of Nipguards that I can now stay in shape and keep on runnin’. Thanks Nipguards!

easter egg

Open Excel 2000. Under File menu choose “Save As Web Page” option. Click on Publish button and check “Add interactivity with” box. Press Publish button. Internet Explorer will load our HTML page with Excel table in the middle of the page. Scroll to row 2000 and column WC. Select row 2000 and press Tab key to make WC active column. Hold down Shift+Crtl+Alt key combination and click Office logo in the upper-left. Now you are ready to play the game that looks like spy hunter. Use arrow keys to drive, space to fire, H to turn on headlights.

testing vb script in lj. Apparently it, too doesn’t work, either. in the same league as java and flash. poop.

dreams of my sweetheart and I, sex, and giant ants in the old west

Giant Ants!dream keywords
my sweetheart
friendly giant ants
old west
purple kimono
mule skins
angry townsfolk
cave-warmth, blanket sharing
tattered clothes/ perfect comfort

just fragments.. not sure how/if they go together.

All about Giant Ants (the scary, human-non-friendly kind): Us and Them!

And, if you want some scientific perspective on the movie, check out what Stephen Jay Gould has to say about the physical impossibility of Them!