Getting by, thank goodness my sweetie’s been about today.

Feeling better. Still going to follow doc’s orders, and stay home the rest of this week, and polish off the meds.

( I still have a cough, and aches, but the thick stuff in the throat is mostly gone.)

I’m nearly out of Gatorade. Perhaps I can ask Kevin or Karen to bring some by after work tomorrow.


Boynton Beach LibraryI dreamt last night that I was working at the library again (or not working, as the case was… goofing off with the old pages) and I saw a lot of the old team there. I wonder what Jane, Charlotte and Pam are all up to these days.

Those were some amazingly fun times. the only downside of that job was the politics involved… There were quite a few little hens there, too. Aside from that, I had a great time. Get paid to reshelve books, and show people where certain things were. Even cataloging wasn’t bad a little bit at a time. I love to see the old books people would donate. You’d invariably find something in a box to make you cringe or laugh. (like a slice of pizza for a bookmark, or old WWII porn…Tijuana bibles.)

Every other Thursday, they’d bring folks from the local mental care ward in to visit… Mr Hanna was a favorite. A stereotypical paranoid, he would laugh at inappropriate times, and spout some of the most weird commentary about stuff I’d ever seen. Very entertaining to a 17 year old boy.

How was *your* day?

2001/10/23 – at about 14:45 – in a meeting explaining functionality for the new up sequence program (now includes 8-up) I have a coughing fit. a bad one. so bad that I have trouble breathing. the guys in the meeting don’t realize the severity until I dial 911, and hand the phone to Paul because I can’t talk clearly to the operator.

~14:50? (fast!! yay!) Ambulance arrives, and hauls my coughing, sick self to the ER. On the trip, they give me oxygen, and I feel 1000% better.

called doc and was told to go to the ER for a chest X-ray

15:05 – arrived at emergency room, filled out paperwork, mentioned bloody, opaque phlegm, difficulty breathing, cough etc, but and sat here for 45 min. (I was stable by the time I got there)

Got a sputum culture done, a chest x-ray, had blood drawn, got my nose swabbed, along with the usual temperature / pulse / blood pressure.

Took a *long time*. Thank goodness for the palm… between tests, I read the entire onion, and yahoo news, plus some of the books I had packed on there. Also doodled a bit, and made my LJ/palm synch icon. 🙂 I finally got out of there about 19:00 or so, and went to CVS. They’re new to Florida, so don’t support my insurance yet, even though my insurance said they did. Ok, fine, off to Eckerds. They make me wait 45 minutes, and then tell me that they don’t have the antibiotics in stock (they give me everything else), but the store up the road does… I go there, and the tech is having supper behind the counter, and I get to wait another half hour for that medicine. *note to self* Go to Walgreens next time…They’re tons faster, and have my insurance info on file.

Finally got home about 20:45, where I promptly told my poor worried sweetheart where I’d been most of the day.

Home or self-care includes rest and a high-protein diet with adequate fluids, and I’m supplementing that with kung fu movies, cartoons, gabbing with my sweetie, and kitty-snuggles. Maybe a little writing, too. Whatever I can do to fend off malaise.

Yum, Orange Gatorade!

idyll & gadfly Yes, I’m awake. :)

idyll (EYE-dl), noun:
1. A simple descriptive work, either in poetry or prose, dealing with simple, rustic life; pastoral scenes; and the like.

2. A narrative poem treating an epic, romantic, or tragic theme.

3. A lighthearted carefree episode or experience.

4. A romantic interlude.

Idyll ultimately derives from Greek eidullion, “a short descriptive poem (usually on pastoral subjects); an idyll,” from eidos, “that which is seen; form; shape; figure.” The adjective form is idyllic.

gadfly (GAD-fly) noun

1. One who persistently annoys.

2. Any of the various types of flies that bite livestock.

[From gad (a goad for cattle), from Middle English, from Old Norse gaddr.]