Day 20,086 Went on the greenway to take a little walk and brought the little diver with me. However, the pictures didn’t turn out, as it was very gray and my brain was foggy. A doodle-enhanced recreation will have to do. Weather was brisk, about 45⁰F, but was feeling quite a bit cooler, heavily overcast and a solid wind blowing. I had a jacket, but it was still a bit too cool to go for very long. After roaming a bit and waving to the sinister mallards (a trio of especially suspicious males specifically) in the water, I picked up a few bits of trash on the path and summoned a minor transport portal to return home. I returned home to cuddle with Pearl and put my foot up, since I think I may have over exerted myself on the walk. #doodle #walkabout #greenway #roanokeva #jan312024 #straifseven #bronzediver #ducks #walkies

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