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Sanitizing History Through Name Changes
Some advocacy groups want to make sure Squaw Spring, Jap Road and Chinaman Bluff soon go the way of Chinks Peak. The U.S. Board on Geographic Names changed the name of the mountain just outside Pocatello, Idaho, from Chinks Peak to Chinese Peak recently after a three-year campaign by Asian-American advocates.
Attempts to get rid of Indian nicknames and mascots in sports – such as the Cleveland Indians’ red-faced Chief Wahoo – have become familiar. But the Idaho effort is one of a handful of quieter projects aimed at changing the names of landmarks and natural features.

Half-Brain Girl To Humiliate Peers
Christina Santhouse entered Conwell-Egan Catholic High School last month.

Not unusual for most 14-year-olds from Bristol, but a very big deal for a girl living without the right side of her brain. It was removed five years ago, after Christina developed an extremely rare, progressive disease that causes uncontrollable seizures.

To be sure, Christina underwent a radical procedure that causes serious side effects: She has partial paralysis of her left arm and leg, and she lost peripheral vision in her left eye. When Christina jerks her head the wrong way, she can feel fluid sloshing around where part of her brain used to be.

In almost every other respect, Christina is a typical teenager. Her intellect and memory are fine. She hates algebra, loves ‘N Sync. She has a big “Keep Out” sign on her bedroom door.

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