Lots of mood-shifts over the last few days.

Generally, I keep a pretty even keel, but I guess being sick has rocked the boat a little. I didn’t realize how much bilge I’d allowed on said boat. With some reassurance and help from my darling, I’ve managed to pump a lot of it free. I’ve now reprioritized my mind a little… I think I was stretching myself to thin for no good reason, hopping from project to project, taking little nibbles from each as I went.

I’ve got a clear plan in mind now.

Finish scary story

no rush on honing flash skills, that’s at the end of my list

stop stressing about current work. if bad things happen, they happen.

call the non-profit place back, re: the programming and netadmin gig.

quit being so hard on myself, and just go back to taking it as it comes. (I’m my own harshest critic, sometimes, no room for paranoia and insecurity too.)

When programming, mix it up with some creative brain-pops. don’t get tunnel vision.

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